Time flies …

It’s one year since I last blogged. And, it’s been a busy year in the shack as well as at work.

To summarize, here are the few highs and lows that I can recollect:

  • Had a lot of fun on the CQWW SSB 2011. Managed to work C5, 3D2 and TS2 on 10 Meters. This was my foray back into SSB contesting after a couple of decades!
  • Was looking forward to chasing a few and S&P’ng on CQWW CW 2011, but had to give that idea up as I was caught up on the work front.
  • With my rotator controller broken and having had to rig up a temporary solution for the CQWW RTTY, I went to the local electronics market and picked up an outdoor camera to mount on the tower. Works very well and also has infra-red LED’s that light up the boom in the dark. This wa going to be good for the new contest season in 2012.
  • Qualified for DXCC’s on 20M and 15M with confirmations on LOTW. The wallpapers arrived in December.
  • Made hybrid DXCC applications for Phone and 10M. Had my cards checked by Prasad/VU2PTT. In fact, mine were the first applications he checked after he became a card checker. This saved me a lot of time and money.

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