Fast Forward to 2021!

Time flies, especially when you’re having fun! It’s been three years since I got around to posting an update, but I have been busy exploring new facets of the hobby. I got bitten rather badly by the “Satellite” bug and decided to try my hand at working the LEO’s. It’s been an unending rollercoaster ride of learning, fun and new frontiers!

Who said you couldn’t teach an old HF dog new tricks?

IC-7300 – The new toy in the shack!

This nice little HF/50 rig has been in the shack for a month now. What an incredible difference in RX compared to my older IC-756PROIII and IC-746PRO. This and the fact that the rig has an USB connector, makes it it one great rig to interface with the shack PC effortlessly. I have still not figured out how to get the interfacing and settings done to have FSK RTTY on N1MM+ with this new rig….WIP!

Cables …

Finally, after many months of procrastination, I revamped the complete set of coax cables that I use in my radio station. Thanks to Paddy / VU2PEP for pointing me to the right source for my cable requirement. I replaced all the aging lengths of RG-213 and RG-58 with LMR-400. Also took this opportunity to mount my KK1L 2 x 6 Antenna Switch.

AntSwitch-1  AntSwitch-2

This ensured that I now have only two runs of cable into the shack. I used LMR-200 for antenna terminations and in the shack as it it easier to work with. Used crimp connectors and found them to be a breeze to work with.