19-AUG-2015: Received the VUSDR-ZAZ SDR transceiver kit. Plan to begin the build in a couple of days

31-Mar-2012: Completed the SoftRock RX Ensemble SDR HF receiver

10-MAR-2012: Completed the KK1L 2×6 antenna switch and controller

02-FEB-2012: Completed the SO2R box build. Tested and works fine! Well made kit by Paul, Dennis and team. Now, to learn to use it.

30-JAN-2012: My YCCC SO2R box build is in progress.

29-JAN-2012: Completed the enclosure for my K1EL K20 keyer.

13-SEP-2009: The SoftRock Ensemble on 20M


Temporary link to  my other homebrew projects is here

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