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The Shack

VU2LBW Shack - 2 - July 2015


On the air since 1983

  • Current callsign: VU2LBW
  • Callsigns held:
    • Novice call: VU2LUX
    • Contest calls: AT0L, VU2L
    • Commemorative call: VU40LBW
  • Favorite modes: RTTY, PSK and CW. Lately, I have been having a great time on QRP JT65A/JT9 and the new fast FT8 mode!
  • QSLs: Please see my QRZ page for my updated QSL policy

The Station




  • Yaesu FT-209R
  • Funcube SDR receiver

Amplifiers: 2 x SB-200 with SoftStart, SoftKey mods from Harbach, homebrew QSK mod

Digital Interfaces:


Station Accessories:

  • MFJ-1026 Noise Cancelling Signal Enhancer
  • Band Decoder: 2 x Top Ten
  • BPF: 2 x I.C.E. 419
  • Power Meter: 2 x Diamond SX-100
  • GEK-60MHz Antenna Analyzer  by VU3GEK
  • Phone: Heil Pro-Set (w/ HC-5)
  • CW: Bencher BY-1 paddle, homebrew single-lever paddle, straight key, K-20 Keyer, homebrew 2-radio paddle and key switch
  • Antenna Switch: KK1L 2×6 Switch
  • CAT Interface: homebrew
  • SO2R: YCCC SO2R Plus
  • Tuner: FC-700
  • Amp interface: The Ampkeyer from the Heathkit Shop
  • Power supply
    • TeleConcepts 13.8V, 35A linear supply
    • SEC 1235M SMPS
    • Yaesu FP-700


Updated: 02-AUG-2017

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